International Workshops and Collaborations

Low Carbon Architecture Summer Programme (LCASP) – Welsh School of Architecture, University of Cardiff, Wales, UK

SJB SAP has successfully participated in the LCASP 2015 (5 students, 1 faculty) and 2016 (16 students, 2 faculties). Students have engaged in designing a low carbon house for the Welsh climatic zone, have participated in lectures and field trips to historic sites and contemporary architectural projects. SJB SAP students won journal and design competitions organised in the workshop.

Collaborative and International Architectural Design Studios:

7th Semester Urban Design Studio, 2016: The project focused on issues surrounding Butte Town in Cardiff, Wales UK. Prof. Bruce Race (PhD, AIA, FICP) of Bruce Race Studio, a multidisciplinary firm in the USA and the LCASP 2016 studio lead at Cardiff, UK, gave invaluable inputs for the Urban Design studio. Site analysis and detailed research of the issues led by Prof. Smitha MB were conducted parallel to the demands of the LCASP.

Urban Design Studio Faculty at SJB SAP: Assoc. Prof. Shilpa Madangopal; Assoc. Prof. Jai Ganesh; Ar. Aruna Sujith; Ar. Ashwin N; Ar. Vijetha Malik

4th Semester Housing Studio, 2017: The project addresses some of the issues concerning Katputhli Colony, a sprawling neighborhood of migrant puppeteers, magicians and performers in the Shadipur area of New Delhi. The project introduction and background information  were provided by Dr. Catherine Bonier and Dr. Ben Gianni of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Canada. 24 students from Azrieli interacted with 8 students of SJB SAP in January 2017 to conduct site visits, analysis of various issues and conduct meetings with the community and officials. SJB SAP students have identified a portion of the colony for a hypothetical design project.

Housing Design Studio Faculty at SJB SAP: Asst. Prof. Manju C Nair; Asst. Prof. Vishwa Udchan; Ar. Shilpa Sompur; Ar. Menu Ranka; Ar. Sudeep; and Ar. Vijeta Malik. Prof. Smitha MB initiated the project with Prof. Bonier and led the students for the site meetings in New Delhi.


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