Design Studio: Semester III


The design studio for the third semester B.Arch is structured to understand the meaning of cultural and physical context. It aims to understand the nature of place-making as an architectural goal and study the various factors, which influence the design of built environments. In order to achieve these objectives, the syllabus requires studio projects that deal with distinctly different contexts with similar scale of programs.

The 2013 cohort studied the climate and cultural context of Madikeri – Coorg, Karnataka. Design Outcome: Primary health care centre.

Faculty: Prof. George Kuruvilla; Ar. Tulasi Ram; Ar. Jai Ganesh; Ar. Smitha HS; & Ar. Adityakiran T 

The 2014 cohort studied and designed for the cultural and climatic contexts of: Jew Town – Mattencherry, Kerala (Design: Museum for Jew culture and artefacts); Gandhi Bazaar – Bangalore, Karnataka (Design: Re-design of the BBMP Produce Market); and Agrahara – traditional houses and neighborhoods, Mysore, Karnataka (Design: Nature-Cure Center).

Faculty: Prof. Smitha MB; Ar. Manju C Nair; Ar. Ravi Venkatesh; Ar. Shilpa Sompur; Ar. Vishwanath K; and Ar. Michelle Deepa

The 2015 cohort documented the cultural and built environments of Sureban village – Belgaum district, North Karnataka (Climate: Hot, Design project: Weavers’ Cooperative Centre); Anegundi – Gangavathi Taluk, Koppal district, North Karnataka (Climate: Hot and Dry, Design project: Heritage Research Centre); Kukke Subrahmanya – Sullia Taluk, Dakshina Kannada, SE Karnataka (Climate: Warm and Humid, Design project: Ancillary Complex to the Main Temple); Chamarajapete, Bangalore (Climate: Moderate, Design project: Visitor’s Information Center).

Faculty: Prof. Smitha MB; Ar. Manju C Nair; Ar. Vishwa Udchan; Ar. Shilpa Sompur; Ar. Gisha Joy; Ar. Meenu Ranka; and Ar. Sudarshan Holla


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