Housing Studio: Semester IV

The housing studio in the 4th semester, B.Arch aims to understand the variety of housing types; the needs of privacy and communal spaces; the ideas of extended living; and to differentiate and understand the nature of organic and planned communities. Project scales are limited to allow for intensive study and complexities of special contexts are incorporated: dense settlement, occupation based communities, climatic requirements, traditional and urban fabrics, social status, etc.

The emphasis is to develop sensitivity towards micro level human habitation and the role of architecture in enhancing the quality of living. All housing studios undertake an intensive background research of housing typologies and documentation survey of the selected site / intended users and communities.

The 2013 Cohort designed two hypothetical projects having unique set of challenges: A retirement community in Srirangapatana, Mandya District, near Mysore; and A housing project for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) in Bangalore. The EWS housing was considered to be an alternative response to a slum housing project developed by the Karnataka Housing Board at Nayandanahalli.

The studio faculty: Prof. Smitha MB; Prof. George Kuruvilla; Assoc. Prof. Jai Ganesh; Asst. Prof. Manju C Nair; Ar. Ravi Venkatesh

The 2014 Cohort designed four hypothetical projects . Two of these set up a condition to respond to each other: A retirement community and a SOS Children’s Village. Both sites were given next to each other, located in close proximity, behind the existing SOS Village in Bangalore. The other two projects responded to the reality of current real estate scenarios by designing mid-rise residential communities with different housing typologies.

The studio faculty: For the SOS Children’s Village and the Retirement Community – Prof. Smitha MB; Asst. Prof. Manju C Nair; Ar. Shilpa Sompur and Ar. Sujay Kuncham. For the mid-rise housing – Prof. George Kuruvilla; Assoc. Prof. Jai Ganesh; Ar. Adityakiran T

The 2015 Cohort are designing four projects, of which two are based on live projects. Project I: A community of artisans in Sholapur, Maharashtra; Project II: A slum in Vailaikaval, Bangalore; Project III: For some portion of the the Tibetan settlement in Bylukuppe, Coorg; and Project IV: A portion of the Katputhli Colony in Shadipur, New Delhi

The studio faculty: Asst. Prof. Manju C Nair; Ar. Shilpa Sompur ; Asst. Prof. Vishwa Udchan; Ar. Meenu Ranka; Ar. Sudeep; Ar. Vijetha Malik


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