Design Studio: Semester II

This architectural studio primarily focuses on the study of variables like light, movement, transformation, scale, etc in the creation of architectural form. Past projects have included the design of a nursery school and theme based restaurants.

In order to to extend the fundamental studies from Semester I, the current studio format under the guidance of Ar. Navnath Khanade and Ar. Sudhir Surthi sets up hypothetical projects in selected climatic zones. The projects are explored via drawings and intensive exercises in model-making. A project to create a hypothetical sculptural park in Hampi sets the stage to investigate movement, emotions and spatial experiences.

Studio faculties have included: Ar. Navnath Khanade; Ar. Sudhir Surthi; Ar. Nagaraj; Ar. Srinivas; Ar. Chetan Shiv Prasad; Ar. Smitha Hemmige; Ar. Gisha Joy; Prof. George Kuruvila; Prof. Smitha MB; Ar. Manju C Nair;  Ar. Tulasi Ram; Ar. Jai Ganesh; and Ar. Adityakiran Tadipati


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